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Swimming Pools

Green Pools

Today green pools are more common than a few years ago. As an owner or tenant of the property, you are responsible for maintaining your pool in a clean & healthy condition. Unmaintained swimming pools are a tremendous breeding source for mosquitoes. If larvae are present in a green pool, chlorine will not kill them. Professional assistance is needed to prevent larvae from becoming adult mosquitoes. A small puddle that holds water for seven days is a potential breeding source for mosquitoes.

For more information regarding swimming pool requirements:

Do I need a fence around my swimming pool?

The requirements for pool fencing in California have changed dramatically over the last few years in response to an increased need for additional safety. These regulations continue to be updated to help reduce the number of drownings. Knowing the pool fence regulations before you start designing will not only improve safety but it will also create a more functional and visually appealing outdoor space.

In California, pools or spas built or remodeled after January 1, 2018 must now have a second safety feature in order to comply with state regulations. One of the first things homeowners tend to think about when visualizing a pool is the size and the location. However, a swimming pool is never complete without a pool fence and while they’re sometimes deemed an eyesore, they are necessary to comply with current safety regulations.
If you have an existing pool or installing a new one, owners will need to install at least two of these safety features to be compliant:

  1. A fence that is over 60 inches and surrounds the pool or spa and isolates it from the house. It must be fitted with a gate that opens out, away from the pool with a latch fitted 60 inches off the ground. Gaps in the fence must not allow a 4-inch diameter sphere to penetrate and no handholds or objects such as pots that would allow a child to climb over the fence are permitted.
  2. An approved pool cover or self-locking spa cover designed for safety.
  3. A removable mesh fence that meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Specifications F2286 standards and features a self-closing and self-latching gate. The gate also requires a key lockable device.
  4. Exit alarms fitted on any doors that have direct access to the pool or spa.
  5. Any doors that provide direct access to the pool or spa must be self-closing and feature a self-latching device that is fitted over 54 inches high.
  6. An alarm that is fitting in the pool that detects when a person enters the pool. This does not include alarms worn by the child and must comply with the ASTM Standard F2208 “Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms”.
  7. Another approved safety device that exceeds California’s previous pool fencing regulations.

For more information regarding Pool, Spat, Hot Tub enclosure and safety devices, please refer to the following:

General Owner Pool Safety

While the current pool regulations are designed to prevent drownings by providing a safe environment for all swimmers, there are still risks around any body of water regardless of the pool fence. The following guidelines are designed to help pool owners ensure there is safe use of their swimming pool and spa at all times.

  • Ensure your pool fencing is compliant with state and local laws.
  • Always remember, a pool fence is not a substitute for adult supervision.
  • Do not leave children unsupervised around swimming pools, spas or ponds regardless of their swimming ability.
  • Take your child to swimming lessons.
  • Consider taking a CPR course so you can assist in an emergency.
  • Display resuscitation instructions near your pool such as on your pool fence.
  • Place a ‘no diving’ sign if your pool is too shallow for diving.
  • Avoid leaving furniture and other climbable items near your pool.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol around water and while supervising children


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