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Service Fees

Card Room Dealer Permit$71 per permit, plus DOJ fee $32
Card Room Renewal Permit$32 per permit
Citation Sign-Off  (Does not apply to Tracy PD issued citations.)$18 per citation
Concealed Weapon Permit   (More......)$95 DOJ + $100 TPD processing
Concealed Weapon Permit Renewal   (More......)$52 DOJ + $25 TPD processing
Crime Report Copy$.15 per page
$.15 per page bulletin entries
$10 traffic collision reports
$.15 per page after the 25th page
DUI Accident Repsonse and InvestigationActual personnel cost, up to state imposed
Maximum of $12,000
DUI Arrest and ReportActual personnel cost, up to state imposed
Maximum of $1,000
False Alarm$38- 4th response
$71- 5th response
Alarm Permit (Yearly)   $26
VHS Video or Digital Video Copy$21.12
Firearms Sales Permit$34 per permit, plus DOJ fees $32
Fingerprint Request$20 per request
Police Photo Reproduction$.54 per photo
Traffic photos $54.00 plus $.38 per photo
Records Check/Clearance Letter$19 per letter
Vehicle Repossession Release $15 per vehicle
Taxi Driver Permit$143 per permit, plus DOJ fee $32
Taxi Driver Renewal Permit$104 per permit
Tow Truck Driver Permit$78 per permit, plus DOJ fee $32
Tow Truck Driver Renewal Permit$39 per permit
Vehicle Release  (More......)$140 per vehicle
VIN Verification$26 per request


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